Get Ready For a Home Inspection

Getting Ready
Steps you can take before a professional home inspector conducts a property inspection

From routine maintenance, to detecting conditions that could signify the need for major repairs, there are many simple steps your seller can take ahead of time to prepare their home for a professional home inspection. In addition, on the day of the inspection, attention to a few details can go a long way to ensuring that everything goes smoothly.


->Disclose past catastrophes such as fires or floods, or if the property was ever used as a marijuana grow house or meth lab
->Provide building permits and plans for any major renovations
->Disclose any work that was completed without the proper permits
->Provide invoices and warranties for major improvements, roofs, furnaces, and appliances

Routine Maintenance – Exterior

->Repair damaged masonry on walkways and steps
->Seal any cracks in the driveway
->Repair minor defects in exterior wall materials
->Recaulk around exterior windows and doors
->Replace damaged or missing shingles
->Recaulk around flashing
->Clean debris from gutters and check downspouts for proper drainage

Routine Maintenance – Interior

->Repair leaky faucets and fixtures
->Recaulk around bathtubs and sinks
->Have an electrician inspect receptacles and switches and make any necessary repairs
->Repair any cracked or broken window glass and loosen any windows that are painted shut
->Arrange service for the furnace and central air conditioning
->Have the chimney swept
->Replace batteries in smoke detectors and install detectors where missing
On the Day of the Inspection

->Allow sufficient time for the inspection – the average Pillar To Post inspection takes between 2.5 and 3 hours
->Be sure that keys are available for any locked doors
->Allow access to storage sheds, attics, yards, crawlspaces, basements, and garages
->Provide access to components such as electrical panels, water meter, and gas meter
->Move objects from around the water heater, furnace, and air conditioner to allow unimpeded access
->Clear paths of snow and debris
->Keep pets in a safe location out of the home or in a crate